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After several decades of dormancy, is Africa gradually making her voice heard beyond the continent? The question might sound funny, but the latest visit to Kyiv and St Petersburg by some African leaders is worth noting. It is well known that in the past, the African continent under its umbrella institution; Organization of Africa Unity (OAU), and now Africa Union (AU), hardly took sides nor actively participated in the resolutions of conflicts beyond the continent. Even during voting at the level of the United Nations, most African countries do boycott or stay neutral. Today, things have changed. The era of “observers’ status” is over. Africa want her voice heard. That is why she cannot stay unconcern while Ukraine and Russians are killing themselves. The recent visit by four African leaders to Kyiv and St Petersburg on the 16th and 17th of June 2023 might be brief, but pregnant with a lot significance. 
The well-tailored peace plan presented by the visiting Heads of state after being endorsed by their peers is not only a signal, but also an eye opener to the world that Africa is an indispensable player. Unlike other peace initiatives, the frankness and the content of the peace plan presented to President Putin and Zelensky is such that if impl...



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