North-South Challenge

In this era during which our global village is plagued by poverty, inequalities, senseless wars, climate change, terrorism and the erosion of biodiversity, the need for concerted action to redress the scenario is crucial.
These threats make many wonder if life would be worth living on this planet in the next century. If nations keep diagnosing geopolitical ills and prescribing remedial action, without implementing resolutions the situation could worsen. 
The Paris Summit which brought together Heads of State and Government with high level dignitaries to delve into the possibilities of coming up with a New Global Financing Pact, can hardly be considered ostentatious. 
President Paul Biya who attended the summit with 6 members of his government, had in December 2020 during the 72nd Session of the United Nations General resounded the rationale of handling promptly the problem of climate change in developing countries that are the greatest victims of pollution, caused by the rich and industrialized nations. Back in Cameroon during the presentation of New Year wishes by Diplomats and compatriots, the Cameroon Head of State reiterated the importance of having the rich nations fulfil their pledge of USD 100 billion to harness the climate change, situation in Developing Countries. While waiting for this pledge to be fulfilled, there is need for more joint action to prevent the worst from emerging. 
The Paris Summit whose main focus was the challenges of Poverty, climate change and the erosion of biodiversity, besides other inequalities did a great job by delving into these problems and seeking possibilities of a redress roadmap. This is vital because the establishment of a new finance architecture is a giant step that could help bridge the ever increasing North – South developmental imbalances.
A great step indeed, because if nations keep complaining of the weakness of the Bretton Woods Institution, without an appraisal of the efforts being made to alter the trends, they would be creating room for more socio-economic stressors.  
For instance, the UN Sustainable Development Goals launched in the year 2000 have apparently been laid to rest in many member nations of the World Body, and in some, the brilliant objectives of this initiative have conspicuously been relegated to wishful thinking. The unpleasant surprises can be stalled through national, and international joint action after important summits such as the confab in Paris.
The six priorities for action for example, prescribed at the summit aimed at rendering more concrete a Global Roadmap can be better followed up at national and regional levels, the first steps being an appraisal of on-the-spot realities and the challenges faced. Furthermore, the masterminds of brainstorming and decision taking would smile and plan more international encounters for common objectives.
It is also important to note that besides contributing societal ills that retard or stall developmental projects of global interest, leaders and the led should note that what matters is not only participation in these conferences, but also making efforts to fight out societal ills that retard geopolitical cooperation.
A New Global Finance architecture for example, no matter how ...



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