Hygiene, Sanitation Campaign : Regional Committee At Work

They will be on the field as from August 1st to evaluate and select the cleanest city amongst the four winners from the different Divisions.

The regional organising committee of the Clean City Campaign competition met in Douala on July 20 to map out a work plan and strategy to ensure that a municipality in Douala wins the national competition. The meeting is coming at a time when cleanliness in Douala is a far-fetched dream as heaps of garbage could be spotted on almost every street corner in town. Reasons why, during the committee meeting, the President of the Regional Committee, Governor Samuel Dieudonné Ivaha Diboua, called on the different municipalities not to only wait for a competition to be launched before cleaning their cities. He said hygiene and sanitation should be a way of life. He called on the different municipalities to engage in serious campaigns to sensitize their population on the importance of keeping their environment clean. Once on the field, he went on, the regional jury will be looking out for the cleaning of the streets and gutters, management of house hold wastes and more.
Meanwhile, the Regional Delegate for Housing and Urban Development for the Littoral, Biakeu Patrice, said a divisional competition was launched on the 5 April 2023 and winners from the different divisions will compete so as to get the winner that will represent the Littoral region in the national competition. He revealed that the winners from the different divisions were Nkongsamba I fr...



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