Bungalows to Foster Tourism

The Santa council in collaboration with the ministry of Tourism and Leisure built bungalows on the shores of Lake Awing to accommodate tourists.

As part of a project to develop tourism sites in the municipality, the Santa rural council, in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism and Leisure constructed bungalows on the shores of Lake Awing to accommodate tourists. The project which took place in two phases has come to add to the beauty of the scenery around the lake. This led to an upsurge in the number of tourists visiting the lake which is one of the most popular tourists’ sites in the North West as it became the choicest destination for students on academic field trips and European tourists visiting the area.
The bungalows are isolated building which three-star quality bedrooms with a view on the lake. The greenery of the environment and the surrounding mountains and interlocking spurs, offers an ideal place for spiritual resort or regeneration. Before the outbreak of the crisis, there was a tourist guide o hand, ready to recount the myth about the origin of the lake and the mysteries that surround it. Every year the shores cleaned and embankments built around certain areas where there is risk of a land slide. The council did not only end at developing the site but also making it easily accessible as the roads and bridges to Awing were co...



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