Living Together Multiculturalism : Youth Leaders Gain Skills

This was during a three-day capacity-building workshop that took place in Bonalea-Souza from October 23-25, 2023.

Some 20 Youth leaders and people working with youths have been schooled on how to promote living together and multiculturalism. This was during a three-day workshop that took place in Bonalea-Souza (Mungo Division) from October 23-25. For three days, participants were drilled on the concept of natural resource management, using the Potential Conflict to Cooperation Potential (PCCP) approach, about conflict management, living together and multiculturalism in Cameroon.
The workshop was in line with the project "Strengthening the role of young people in promoting living together and multiculturalism through secondary education and non-formal and informal learning centers in Cameroon". Which has as objective to mitigate and prevent tensions and violent conflicts between displaced persons and host communities, by providing a formal, non-formal and informal learning environment for young people living in a multicultural and multilingual space.
The project relies on youth learning approaches to combat stigmatization or exclusion, with a view to social cohesion and lasting peace. It is an innovative approach that will integrate these aspects into both curricula and the infrastructure of learning spaces in Cameroon, to underpin social transformation in which young people and communities are actors. During the workshop, the main facilitator, Dr. Koultchoumi Basette, explained that in certain circumstances, tensions and conflicts between communities are linked to the use of natural resources. She added that certain factors, such as populati...



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