Parliament : November Session Closes Tomorrow

It has been a productive session, with several bills being examined, members of government responding to questions and seminars organised.

The third ordinary session of Parliament for the 2023 legislative year ends tomorrow December 9, 2023. Traditionally dedicated to the scrutiny and adoption of the State budget for 2024, both the National Assembly and Senate have had productive exchanges. Several other legal instruments, besides the Finance Bill have been examined during the session which lasted 30 days (began on November 10, 2023).
The session which ends tomorrow witnessed the Prime Minister, Head of Government, Joseph Dion Ngute presenting government’s economic, financial, social and cultural programme for 2024. Finance Minister, Louis Paul Motaze also defended the draft State budget for 2024 which stands at 6,740 billion 100 million, compared to 6,726 billion nine million in 2023. The Finance Minister explained to lawmakers how the money will be generated as well as how it will be used. Other members of government also took turns before the Finance and Budget Committee of the National Assembly, led by Hon. Rosette Ayayi, to defend their various proposed budgetary allocations, highlighting priority programmes to be implemented.
Besides the scrutiny of the budget, other legal instruments were also examined such as the bill to institute the Mining Code in Cameroon. Ratifying military cooperation agreements between Cameroon and Russia, as well as with Great Britain, and ratifying accords on the reciprocal exemption of visa requirements for holders of diplomatic, special or service passports, between Cameroon and Egypt, and Cameroon and Russia were also examined, just to name a few.
A special plenary sitting on the fight against corruption in Cameroon was also organised during the session that ...



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