Use of ICTs : CERAC Renders 200 Bengbis Women Useful

They received certificates of aptitude on Wednesday 27, 2023 in the locality of the South Region, after a training course.

200 women in Bengbis in the Dja and Lobo Division of the South Region are now ready to make use of the advantages of the Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). Thanks to the charity association of the First Lady of Cameroon, the Circle of Friends of Cameroon (CERAC) and the African Institute of Computer Science dubbed IAI-Cameroon “Centre d'Excellence Technologique Paul Biya”, the women have acquired skills on Microsoft Word, EXCEL, the Internet and the Social Network. On Wednesday December 27, 2023 at the Bengbis ceremonial ground, the women received their certificates of aptitude from the hands of the Head of a CERAC’s delegation to the locality, Micheline Ayang, who is also one of the Deputy General Coordinators of CERAC.
According to one of the trainers from the African Institute of Computer Science (IAI), the women undertook an accelerated course which lasted two weeks instead of one-month. 
The Resident Representative of IAI Cameroon, Armand Claude Abanda, said the batch of women have been baptised “Promotion CERAC”. He recalled that the training is within the institution’s project launched on March 13, 2015 to train more women in the use of ICTs. Dubbed Operation MIJEF ...



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