Humanitarian Gesture : CERAC Brings Glad Tidings To Bengbis Population

The charitable association of the First Lady of Cameroon was in the Dja and Lobo Division, South Region yesterday, December 28, 2023 with diverse gifts.

“Today like yesterday, tomorrow like today, you can count on the Circle of Friends of Cameroon (CERAC)”, the General Coordinator of  CERAC, Dr Grace Dion Ngute, told an enthusiastic crowd yesterday, December 28, 2023, in the Bengbis Sub-division of the Dja and Lobo Division in the South Region, as the charitable association founded by Cameroon’s First Lady was in the region to officially hand over the Government High School, Technical High School and Primary Schools Group 1 and 2, rehabilitated and equipped by CERAC. The humanitarian association also handed donations to Government Secondary School Mekas, the District Medical Centre, youths and rural women of Bengbis in the Dja and Lobo Division of the South Region. It was a crowd pulling event filled with songs of gratitude for the triple projects carried out at once by CERAC in the locality.
Representing the First Lady at the event, Dr Grace Dion Ngute said CERAC will inexorably continue its charitable work. “CERAC is at the forefront of humanitarian actions in Cameroon and intends to stay there, because Mrs Chantal Biya will continue on the path she has chosen some 28 years ago” Dr Grace Dion Ngute underlined.  According to the General Coordinator of CERAC, the path of CERAC’s Founding President involves projects in the fields of education, health, water supply, the advancement of women, the fight against poverty, pandemics as well as provide assistance to disaster victims amongst other things.
This is why CERAC took time to rehabilitate and equip over three schools in Bengbis. Given that most of the schools in Bengbis were at a dilapidated stage, Dr Grace Dion Ngute said CERAC had to act fast to ensure that pupils and students have a conducive environment to acquire knowledge, interpersonal skills, moral and social values necessary for the development of the country. Even if medicine can be lived and practiced like a priesthood, CERAC’s General Coordinator said the working conditions must be met. Hence, CERAC also made available medical equipment to the Bengbis Health District to provide better health and patient care.
Empowering rural women is also one of CERAC’s main priorities. As such, CERAC also handed modern farming tools to over 20 rural women associations. This will help introduce good farming techniques as well as the processing and conservation of farm products. “We will continue to advocate for rural women to have access to land ownership, subsidies and agricultural equipment”, Dr Grace Dion Ngute highlighted.
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