“We Have Launched Investigations Into Deviant Cases”

Dr Clovis Pilla, Country Manager, Yango Cameroon.

Recently, there have been recurrent cases of passengers being assaulted by drivers while using the Yango transport service. Worst is the fact that some passengers are even robbed of their belongings. This shows major security problems for the population. What is the management of Yango saying about these unfortunate circumstances?
We condemn any form of reckless driving and actions as we prioritize the safety of every driver and user on our platform. We always investigate reported incidents and take next steps accordingly. Our efforts to train and equip all partner drivers with requisite road safety tips and education will continue. We remain committed to improving our service offerings and making the entire experience safe for all.

Has the system been able to track down drivers involved in such gruesome acts?
Based on all the information provided by the riders, we have launched investigations into the individual cases of deviant behaviour and we will use all technologies at our disposal to handle the situation. As a company, we have various disciplinary actions in place and we implement them based on the outcome of investigations. We urge all Yango users to provide feedback using the apps support function instead of making posts on social media - these cases are very hard to track down and often not enough details are provided for Yango to take action.

What is being done to build and reassure the security of the Yango system to passengers?  
Yango remains resolute in its mission to foster a safe and trusted community for everyone who uses our services. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the riders who play a crucial role in making our platform what it is today, and we are dedicated to equipping them with the tools they need to operate confidently and securely. We are dedicated to equipping the passengers with the tools they need to operate confidently and securely. The Yango app already has a lot of safety features available to the riders on the app, like driver’s rating, urgent support chat, SOS button and route sharing feature, as well as the opportunity for the riders to report reckless driving and the cases when the driver was distracted by phone while driving. But we are not stopping there. Among our plans is the introduction of cutting-edge AI-based safety features like automated speeding and driving style controls and the shift hours’ control feature that will ensure that drivers work limited hours and keep focus. There are a couple of new safety features for driver safety planned to be introduced too.

Talking about drivers operating within the Yango system, where are the drivers from, and is any morality check carried out on them? 
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