CABTAL’s Annual Report : These Beautiful Stories That Touched Hearts

The Cameroon Association for Bible Translation and Literacy gathered Christians, church leaders and heads of theological institutions in Yaounde on January 26, 2023. To give account of what was achieved in 2023.


The Cameroon Association for Bible Translation and Literacy, CABTAL, which exists since 37 years, on Friday, January 26, 2024 in Yaounde launched its 2023 annual report. The 40-age bilingual report is entitled, “Every language counts” - a reminder of CABTAL’s vision and mission. The event in the Yaounde City Hall was attended by 300 guests - Christians, church leaders and heads of theological institutions. The ceremony also offered the opportunity to remind the public of the importance of the mother tongue. For the spiritual, economic, social and cultural development of Cameroon.


Beautiful, Impact Stories
The Chair of CABTAL’s Board of Governors, Rev. Alain Clement Sokeng felicitated management for the great initiative undertaken in 2023. Such as extending Bible translation to five language communities the North Region of Cameroon. The Director General of CABTAL, Dr Emmanuel Keyeh Lufang, said the focus of the report was the beautiful stories that impacted lives in 116 language communities in 2023. Where CABTAL’s more than 1,000 workers serve all over the country.


10,000 Trained In Mother Tongue Literacy 
In 36 years of existence (as at 2023), Dr Keyeh recalled, CABTAL boasted 10,000 people who attended mother tongue literacy classes, 5,000 partners and 1,431 learners who completed mother tongue literacy classes. Some 1,200 people were reached through the scripture engagement strategy, while 730 local donors today support the work of CABTAL in Cameroon. Currently, 550 local churches partner with CABTAL, 250 Bible translation Sundays were organised in 2023, and 65 programmes are currently going on. 


Cutting Edge Printing Press
Likewise, the New Testament has been translated into 38 Cameroonian languages, and the Old Testament into two languages. Last year, CABTAL’s acquired a cutting edge printing press that prints translated Bibles. Unlike before when this was done abroad. Dr Keyeh said the printing press is built on land worth 52 million FCFA, which was donated to CABTAL. Other storeys will be constructed on the printing press for lodging and office space. Similarly, softwares were employed last year by CABTAL to accelerate the translation of the Bible.    


Oral Bible Translation 
Meanwhile, CABTAL will next year begin the oral Bible translation.. For now, work is going on in two pilot language communities. Dr Keyeh disclosed that three quarters of CABTAL staff are currently engaged in capacity building. In order to render better services to the public.      


Copies of the New Testament which has been translated into 11 local languages and printed abroad are due in the country soon. They will be dedicated this year in their various communities. Translation of the Bible usually takes from 15-30 years. But the Old Testament was translated into Ngiemboon language in Bamboutos Division of the West Region in only five years! The New Testament in Ngiemboon was also revised with the same timeframe. A feat indeed!  


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