DR Congo : New Mandate…Task Ahead

President Felix Tshisekedi re-election at the helm of the Democratic Republic of Congo has ushered in a new era of challenges and hopes for the people.

President Felix Tshisekedi has secured a second mandate. On Sunday, January 21, 2024, the Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI) proclaimed the official results that were confirmed by the Constitutional Council. Felix Tshisekedi was re-elected for a second term, with a total of 73% with his immediate rival Moise Katumbi scoring 18%. His re-election marks a new stage in the political history of the country and raises numerous challenges. Among the major challenges is the consolidation of democracy in the DRC. Despite significant progress in recent years, the country is still divided on the putting in place of an Independent Electoral Commission, Constitutional Council and the reviewing of the electoral process. 
The DRC has immense natural resources, but poverty and inequality persist. The re-elected president will have to put in place inclusive and sustainable economic policies in order to stimulate growth and improve the living conditions of the population. This requires continuity in the fight against corruption and the promotion of good governance. The DRC needs a transparent and efficient public administration to guarantee the country’s development and investor confidence. Badly negotiated mining contracts signed before Tshisekedi took office should be reviewed. The DRC is one of the less developed countries on earth, despite the country’s immense mineral wealth. It is the world’s leading producer of cobalt and the third largest producer of copper minerals used in manufacturing electronic gadgets and electric vehicles. Yet, more than half of its 95 million people live on less than $2.15 a day. About 80 per cent of Congolese youth are unemployed. 
Security is one of the main issues Félix Tshisekedi’s new mandate has to embrace wholeheartedly. The DRC faces complex securi...



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