Education : Considerable Efforts Deployed

As Cameroonian youth strive to surmount life’s challenges and fit into a competitive society, they are certainly comforted by the efforts put in to ensure their academic and professional upbringing. Their education is logically the top priority of the Head of State and he has over the years invested considerably in shaping youngsters who can excel anywhere on earth. 
The number of schools spread across the country, their increasing creation and transformation as well as the efforts put in place to ensure effective teaching and learning lend credence to President Paul Biya’s unwavering determination to build a vibrant youth for the future. To say the least, there is almost no village in Cameroon without at least government primary, secondary and high schools. The State has equally liberalised the sector so as to bring private investors who create schools that function side-by-side governments’. The long journeys youngsters undertook in the 80s and 90s to access education, and which deprived many at the time, have been greatly reduced. Children now have the opening and varied options to stay with their parents and get educated to high schools. The icing on the cake is the rapid growth of higher institutions of learning. The ten State Universities and privately owned higher institutions of learning give Cameroonian youth the golden opportunity to have whatever training almost anywhere at competitive rates. The fact that government moved from a single Ministry of National Education in the yesteryears to three specialised ministries today (Basic, Secondary and Higher Education) testifies of the desire to ensure better planning and follow up in the training of the country’s youth. Economists would call it “investment in human capital.” Clearly so as educating a child surpasses any other thing a parent or country can give the youth. A solid and sure base for any meaningful and sustainable development!
It is common knowledge that education helps a person to get knowledge and improve confidence in life as well as in career improvement and personal growth. Education helps the educated to take right decisions in life which make him/her useful not only for himself and family but the society as well. No one needs to be told today that a modern, developed and industrialised world is running on the wheels of education. Survival in a competitive world requires good education as torch that leads the way. Cameroon has been measuring up on this.
It was therefore understandable when President Paul Biya in his Youth Day address on February 10, 2024 reminded his young compatriots of how much the government values the education of its citizens. Underlining that, “For many years now, the bulk of the State budget has been devoted to the education sector. This reflects the importance the authorities attach to your education,” tells of a father resolutely bent on shaping a better future for the youth and the country. Of course as nature holds, the future of any country lies in a well-educated and cautious youth. Targeting good investments in their education is thus investing in the future. 
Keen observers of Cameroon’s education system would agree with President Paul Biya that, “Over th...



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