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Months after the euphoria that glowed the hopes of the Malian population following the coming to power of the Transitional Military Government, the civil society and most especially political parties are disappointed with the pace at which the Transitiona

After expressing discontent at the Military Government’s “unilateral decision” to postpone indefinitely the presidential election that was supposed to bring back civilian rule, the opposition was still confident something good would sprout at the end of the transitional mandate, but this has been a far-fetched dream.
Though the reasons that were given for the postponement included issues linked to the adoption of a new constitution, a review of the electoral code and a dispute with French company Idemia that carried out the census, the political parties were again taken aback by a decision to suspend all political activities in the country. Even the then M5-RFP opposition coalition denunciation and pressure could not deter the military to change their stand. This was partly because of the deep division among members of the coalition. While some thought they should give the soldiers who carried out back-to-back coups in 2020 and 2021, time to put things in place before organizing the promised legislative and presidential elections, others saw it as a move by the military to eternalize in power.
After several years of juicy promises, the opposition now believes that this time around, in order to better channel their proposals and step up pressure on the Transitional Mil...



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