Chicha, Cannabis, Alcohol Consumption : Offensive Online Campaign Ongoing…

The Ministry of Public Health through SMSs is calling on young people to deny the consumption of such harmful substances.

For several weeks now, Cameroonians have been receiving short text messages (SMSs) on their mobile phones which seek to raise awareness on the consumption of harmful substance and drugs. “Chicha, cannabis, tobacco, alcohol, cigarettes, Tramol etc… are substance dangerous to health. Deny Chicha, preserve your health.” This, and many more are the messages from the Ministry of Public Health. Through the Ministry of Public Health, the government and its partners are hoping to reach as many people as possible, especially youths, all in a bid to curb the use of harmful substances in society.
In spite of the several strategies already put in place by the government to prevent the consumption of harmful substances such as chicha, Tramol, cigarettes and alcohol amongst young people in the country, the efforts seem to yield little or no fruits. Statistics from the Ministry of Public Health indicate that at least 25 per cent of the country's population has already tried a hard drug. It is further revealed that young people aged between 20 and 25 are the most affected. Several youths, both male and female consume harmful substances at school and out of school.
Figures from the National Anti-Drug Committee (NADC) show that 60 per cent of young people have tried a hard drug. Records from the Anti-Drug Committee further reveal that the most demanded drugs include cannabis which stands at 58.54 per cent and is often associated with tobacco, tramadol 44,62 per cent and cocaine 12.10 per cent. The NADC went further to say that more than 12,000 young people under the age of 15 are also consuming narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances. NADC has also mentioned that “Cameroon, once considered by the United Nations as a tran...



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