Buea : Authorities Want Risky Zones Avoided

On several occasions, the South West Governor has visited disaster areas to sensitise against building houses on marshy, volcanic and water rushes prone spaces.

Buea city, capital of the South West Region, is widely known for its occasional volcanic risks. Apart from throwing up lava periodically during Mount Fako eruptions, the hilly nature of the city provides a suitable bed for water rushes from the mountain during heavy rains. Climate change has worsened the situation with surprise rains washing out homes, material, businesses and drowning children and adults alike. Territorial Administration Minister Atanga Nji accompanied by South West Governor Bernard Okalia Bilai was in Buea Town last year to solace flood victims of 8 March, 2023. It was only one of their outings ax Governor Okalia had been several times to Limbe to sing safety in the ears of persons who build in unauthorized areas and end up in disasters. Since then, a fierce campaign against building on risky zones is underway in the South West Region.
In Limbe, the phenomenon of victims succumbing to floods, landslide and poor construction is rampant in Upper Mawoh, cassava farms, South-East Community, Clerks Quarters, Down Beach, Lower Motowoh, Middle Motowoh, Mabetta New Layout Quarters. In Buea, such areas as Buea Town, Bunduma, Molyko, Bokwaongo and Great Soppo are generally exposed to rushes having registered victims in the past. Architects and environmental experts often advise against building in marshy risky zones. They point out several hazards, primarily related to the soil conditions and potentially for flooding. Poor soil stability in marshy areas often brings down structures erected without proper technological care. Waterlogged soil may not provide a stable foundation for buildings. This can lead to structure collapsing over time.
Flooding is another danger to guard against in marshy areas. And this is evidenced in Buea where life and property hav...



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