Social Health Impact : Experts Strengthen Pandemic Response Platforms

This was during an advocacy workshop to prepare the community to face epidemic on Friday March 1st, 2024.

Health experts and stakeholders from different domains in the society (TB and COVID-19 associations) have brainstormed on ways to strengthen a Pandemic Preparedness and Response Platforms in the country. This was during a one–day advocacy workshop, organised by the Ministry of Public Health alongside NGOs: For Impacts In Social Health (FIS), the Global Fund, Africa Coalition on Tuberculosis and the Stop TB Partnership programme.
Discussing under the theme: “Preparing for Community Engagement in Pandemic Preparedness,” the representative of the Minister of Public Health, Dr. Aristide Stéphane Abah Abah, who is the Sub-director at the Department for the fight against Epidemics and Pandemic, said the emergence of COVID-19 pandemic has taken a heavy toll on individuals, families and communities affected by the virus. In 2020, it reversed years of progress in providing essential tuberculosis (TB) services and reduced the global burden of the disease.  Nevertheless, in 2022, programmes designed by the Ministry of Public Health to combat diseases lik...



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