Buea : Women Saluted For Resourcefulness

The event on March 8, 2024, at Bongo Square culminated a week long activities organised to empower women.

Four women were distinguished for their outstanding services in their various sectors. Dr. Mbua Hannah Etonde, South West Regional Delegate for Secondary Education, was celebrated for her role in promoting education. Mbembe Mbong Vanessa, Chief of Division for Economic, Cultural and Social Affairs in the South West Governor’s Office, was recognized for her assiduity at work. Reach Out Cameroon of Esther Omam was saluted for their collaboration and Mama Samah Mojoko won a craft exhibition in a week long activities. It earned her FCFA 1 million for her to expand her trade. 
Sona Ediage Lucia, South West Regional Delegate for Women’s Empowerment and the Family, said women are now leading businesses, influencing policies, driving innovations across all sectors. She called on women to believe in themselves, pursue their dreams with an unwavering determination. “You are the architect of your destinies and the engines of progress for the future of the South West Region, so that you will leave foot prints in the sand of time,” she remarked. From March 1-7, 2024 in Buea, a series of capacity building activities took place. The Vasinge Race known in that community as “Blow de Blow” trailed a sport work, 30 vulnerable young girls were trained on income generating activities and given startup kits. There was a women’s conference on issues pertinent to women among others. Sona Lucia castigated those women who maltreat children in their homes, especially relatives’ children. 
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