Natural Risk Management : Limbe Flood Control Project Examined

Discussion which geared at expanding the French Development Agency-funded project to all the nooks and crannies of the town took place yesterday, March 27, 2024 in Yaounde.

After the successful execution of the pilot phase of the Integrated Natural Risk Management project dubbed "GIRIN", in Limbe, South West Region, experts involved gathered in Yaounde yesterday March 27, 2024 to examine the stakes and challenges during a capitalisation seminar. 
The Mayor of the Limbe City Council, Paul Efome Lisombe Mbole Ngale, said his municipality was blessed with the GIRIN project which is the fruit of a partnership between the City of Colmar in France and the Limbe City Council, equipped with technical competence from the organisation; Grand Est GESCOD. Noting that the pilot phase of the GIRIN project enjoyed the financial backing of the French Development Agency and support from many other partners, the Lord Mayor said after five years, the project officially ended a few weeks back in the city of Limbe. 
According to the Mayor, the project did a lot of good to the people of the municipality of Limbe. “The effects of floods and landslides suffered for decades; particularly in the Womange neighbourhood, now know a significant halt due to the life-saving solutions which the GIRIN project provided”, Paul Efome Lisombe underlined. The dredging of the Womange River was particularly pertinent to the population last year as the City of Limbe recorded an unprecedented amount of rainfall which could have made floods abundant. The GIRIN project helped to put a halt to landslides that had been frequent at the Mabeta New layout hills. This was thanks to the nursing and planting of the "Vertiver" plant imported from Asia. The Mayor said the plant turned out to work...



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