Gabon : New Identity Cards To Go Operational

Since the termination of the contract of the Belgian service provider in 2015, no identity cards have been manufactured.

From April 3, 2024 new Identity Cards will go operational in Gabon. The announcement was made by the Minister of the Interior, Hermann Immongault, during a press briefing organized on March 28, 2024. The issuing of the new identity cards which is one of the commitments of the President of the Transition, General Brice Clotaire Oligui Nguema comes after a decade of waiting. Compared to the previous Identity Cards, the new Identity Cards are not only electronic, but also “highly secured.” They are equipped with a sim on which each person’s digital identity and a unique personal identification number (PIN) of fourteen characters will be recorded.
For the first phase of the process of establishing the National Electronic Identity Cards (CNIE), all Gabonese from age 16 are invited to go to the various enrollment centers, where they will be identified and issued the Personal Identification Number (PIN). A valuable key to the rest of the process. The key information, will also be used for the construction of the National Biometric register. Explaining the procedure to the media, the Minister of the Interior, Hermann Immongault said, after having worked on the legal and technical level to design the National Electronic Identity Card, the process of issuing Personal Identification Numbers (PIN), is the final phase. He added that, “it is a number composed of 14 alphanumeric characters intended to authenticate the identity of an individual by means of computer processing carried out at the time of registration in the directory of citizens or residents in ...



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