University of Buea : Science faculty Counts 30 Years Of Contributions

It coincided with its fourth Open Door Day where its 10 departments exhibited key equipment pool used in scientific advancement.

The Faculty of Science in its 4th Science Expo 2024 has presented the faculty’s contribution to science and national development. The Faculty has played a lead role in the domain of malaria control. It has an Infectious Disease Laboratory which served as a reference lab in Cameroon during the COVID-19 pandemic. Currently, it is being used for training on non-communicable diseases. The faculty has a Research Foundation in tropical diseases and environment. Here, molecular and cellular research on parasitology, entomology, haematology and onchocerciasis are done. They have Drug Discovery Laboratory working on things like antiviral products among others. 
Dr. Denis Nkweteyim, Head of Department for Computer Science, was the keynote speaker. His presentation was titled “Ensuring relevance and excellence of scientific training in the era of Artificial Intelligence.” He explained Artificial Intelligence in the context of industrial revolution through the first to the fourth general highlighting the key aspects. He pointed out how Cameroon and Africa could join the Industrial Revolution and what it needs to do. “The third revolution being the Digital Revolution started in the 60’s with integrated circuits and then computers and now internet. We have not still found our way in the third revolution and now we in the fourth revolution which is AI,” he indicated. For Africa to enjoy the Digital Revolution, it should have steady electricity, new ways to teach should be employed, incorporate AI in curriculum etc. “AI has a role in virtually everything we do today,” he indicated.
Professor Roland Ndip, Dean of the Faculty of Science, said after 30 years of existence they have come up with a ...



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