52nd National Day : Some 2,360 Medals To Be Awarded

The Grand Chancellor of National Orders, Philemon Yang, yesterday April 16, 2024 chaired the Council of the National Orders with a call on members to show proof of confidentiality.

Cameroonians from all sectors of national life will in the weeks ahead be decorated with some 2,360 medals within the framework of the 52nd National Day to be celebrated on May 20, 2024. The Grand Chancellor of National Orders, Philemon Yang, made the disclosure at the Unity Palace yesterday April 16, 2024 while chairing the opening ceremony of a council to examine the various applications filed in by different administrations. This was at the Main Conference Hall of the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic. 
In his speech on the occasion and in the presence of several personalities from the various administrations concerned, the Grand Chancellor of the National Orders reminded everyone of the spirit that should guide their deliberations: “Looking at the increased number of aspirants this year, I invite members of the different councils to show proof of rigour, objectivity and equity throughout our deliberations whose results must be arrived at in strict confidentiality vis-à-vis the public before it is endorsed by the Head of State, Grand Master of National Orders who has the final say,” Mr Yang underscored.
He told members of the Council of National Orders that, “Under the authority of the Head of State, Grand Master of National Orders, I have the honour to chair this session which has as main objective to propose to our illustrious Head of State a list of possible best aspirants susceptible to be honoured by the nation among those presented by competent authorities.”
The Grand Chancellor revealed that, “It is worth recalling that the decoration ...


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