West : Security Of Teachers Remains A Priority

Governor Awa Fonka Augustine, of the West Region has assured the educational committee in the region that their legitimate objective regarding their security and other multifunctional concerns will be safeguarded and protected, to meet the aspiration and hopes of the government and parents as regard the supply of knowledge to Cameroonian youths. He said the privilege access they currently enjoy as teachers will be vigorously pursued and strengthened by the state authorities at all levels. Governor Awa Fonka was speaking in Bafoussam on 5 October 2019 while presiding at the 26 edition celebration of the world teacher’s day in Bafoussam marked with a lot of pomp and fanfare. Reacting to a teacher trade union “Syndicat National independent des enseignants des base”(SNEIB), that accused the government of laxity, condemning the barbaric act of a military man, who stormed Ecole publique military garage in Bafoussam 11, subdivision and thrashed a female teacher, Governor Awa Fonka, seized the occasion to assure the teacher of his administration commitment and resolved with the Senior State Counsel of the Bafoussam military court, Mrs Batchagna Makendje Anick Myriam, to pursuit the uniform officer. He stressed to the amusement of the teachers that the military man, was under detention, awaiting trial for his barbaric act. He called on school authorities and other educational stakeholders to report such situations to the forces of law and order and the administration before going to social media. Still on SNEIB attack on the secondary education boss asking for schools to match with the effigy of the Head of State, Go
vernor Awa Fonka equally used the opportunity to remind teachers that President Paul Biya was elected by Cameroonians and all Cameroonians must rededicate their total commitment and loyalty to him and the institution he incarnate. Earlier, the Regional Delegate of Secondary Education, Dr. Ngabnya Francois, said all efforts were put in place to ensure efficiency and flexibility, which provided a good base for the positive academic results in the region. Meanwhile, some 250 teachers and tutors received prizes and attestations for hard work.



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