Respecting State Institutions

Messages of condemnation and disapproval against calls by a political party for an uprising, especially to oust the Head of State, have been unanimous. The public outcry rejecting an invitation by Professor Maurice Kamto, to followers of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement, CRM party are backed by several facts. One such justification has been his participation in the 7 October 2018 Presidential election and subsequent boycott of the 9 February 2020 Legislative and Municipal elections. Curiously, all three elections were conducted using the same electoral Law N° 2012/001 of 19 April 2012 Relating to The Electoral Code, Amended and Supplemented by Law N° 2012/017 of 21 December 2012.
The Constitution of 18 January 1996 provides for a number of institutions which are intended to guarantee a smooth evolution of the democratization process in Cameroon since the advent of multiparty politics in 1990. Recent developments have demonstrated the desire by Cameroonians to see the structures envisaged in the Constitution put in place. Going by Article 68 (1); “The new institutions of the Republic provided for under this Constitution shall be set up progressively.”
In spite of the various security, economic and recently health challenges which Cameroon like other countries across the globe is facing, the people have been witnesses to the methodical and logical follow up of the political agenda in the country. A Presidential decree signed on 1st September 2020 convened the electoral colleges for Regional Elections on 6 December 2020. The announcement to many came as a logical conclusion to the progressive implementation of the decentralisation process in the country which citizens have been yearning for over the years. 
Having boycotted the last legislative and Council elections, it was obvious that the CRM party and its leadership opted out of the political scene for the next five years. This is definitely a political choice. Surprisingly, the CRM leader declared today 22 September 2020 as a day for a strike action, ostensibly to eject the persons voted by Cameroonians in 2018 for a seven-year tenure. This is just the second year of a presidential mandate that the CRM leader participated in and Cameroonians are certainly at odds to understand what has suddenly gone wrong that the CRM party leader cannot wait for 2025. 
Professor Maurice Kamto declared himself winner of the 2018 Presidential elections. Yet, more than anyone else, he understands that Cameroon has a Constitutional Council which is the lone institution vested with the powers to validate or invalidate any electoral or legal process in the country. Most, if not all politicians are obviously aware of the maxim by Niccolo Machiavelli that; “The end justifies the means.” This generally refers to the fact that the actions people take are justified regardl...



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