Embracing a Historic Mission

All nations evolve and function according to the exigencies of the time. From when Cameroon obtained its independence till date, each generation finds itself compelled to achieving a specific mission. These have threaded through the fight for independence, its consolidation with all the composite elements and sustainability of all developmental components. President Biya in his traditional message to the youths on 10 February, 2021, on the occasion of the 55th edition of the National Youth Day reminded them of the mission fate has assigned to them at this particular era in the life of the nation.  “Two years ago, under the same circumstances, I told you, along the same lines, that each generation has a historic mission to accomplish for the future of the Nation.” If the mission of the youths of yesterday was to fight for independence which they did so brilliantly and it was accomplished after all the sacrifices they made at the time; today, the issue is no longer gaining independence. In effect and in principle, the independence has been achieved and subsequently consolidated, that is why all efforts now are directed towards rendering all that has been achieved more sustainable. 
But all that it takes to build up the walls of socio-economic and political sustainability is being threatened. What are those elements that oil a nation’s development train? The Head of State says it in no mincing words; peace, unity and prosperity. These; in essence, are the three things today’s youths have as mission to achieve. “It is obvious that your mission today is the preservation of the peace, unity and prosperity of our country, beyond the inescapable constraints due to the changes taking place in the world.” President Biya is aware of the hurdles the youths have to go through to achieve this mission. Heare him; “this does not mean that I am overlooking the difficulties you are facing.” Of course, it is normal to face difficulties. As the saying goes, it is the ability of man to overcome the difficulties ahead of him that makes him a man. In effect, the mission the youths of this era has to achieve is of two levels, overcoming the hurdles holding it back from tackling the main mission destiny has assigned to it and effectively dismantling the security crises threatening the unity of the country.
As a reminder, some of the hurdles said to be holding back the youths, who remain the spearhead of the nation, from forging ahead in the mission include unemployment, poverty, and lack of access to basic social security services. The Head of State knows these obstacles are a pin in the balloon; reason why he has constantly instructed government to take necessary measures to create job openings for them as well as boost their morale so their hopes are not das...



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