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Attempting to set records straight in the public contracts sector in the country like the Public Contracts Regulatory Agency is announcing from 2022 makes many keen observers anxious as to its outcome judging from prevailing situations therein. In fact, it is no exaggeration that Cameroon is certainly one of the rare countries in the world where some people believe they can step into any field and excel without the requisite skills or respecting laid down rules. 
The public contracts sector has suffered a lot over the years from this amateurism. Reforms engaged thus far are yet to produce palpable results. This is partially blamed on the calibre of actors, notably individuals or corporate bodies who vie for available contracts. Some of the so-called contractors have only their suitcases as offices and move from one government ministry or structure to the other to scout for contracts. Ask them about their technical skills, what they possess as equipment to execute contracts, especially civil engineering, as well as their financial standing to start up a project before being paid and don’t be surprised they tell you of a high personality they know or how connected they are to this or that office.
This is certainly the influence peddling that makes them win certain contracts, some of which they don’t even have the technical might to execute; at least properly, for those who can even start. Little wonder contracts are abandoned or shabbily executed forcing the beneficial population to remain in need even after such contracts have been ‘executed’ and for the State to gravitate or remain on same spot after dishing out huge and mostly borrowed resources. 
That the Minister of Public Contracts and sometimes that of Public Works often announce cancelation of life-changing contracts with contractors’ inability to execute them as one of the reasons lends credence to the ma...



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