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Despite efforts by the Nigerian government to stamp out violence and criminality, the phenomenon persists. In the north west of the country abductions, ambushes, and deadly suicide bombings have continued. In recent days, Nigerian security forces have quelled down uncounted criminal attacks carried out by armed men known as “bandits” on the civilian population especially those in rural areas. To avenge their defeat, the bandits have changed strategy. This time around, they are targeting the local vigilante group that have been working hand-in-glove with security forces killing at least 57 of them. These local residents that form informal vigilante units, known as Yansakai to protect villages from bandit raids have contributed enormous to the extent that, some “bandits” see them as obstacles to their nocturnal operations. The attack in the Zuru district of Kebbi State, the latest involving heavily armed gangs who raid and loot villages, steal cattle and carry out mass kidnappings for ransom across northwest Nigeria, are clear evidence that the area is a hub for criminal gangs. 
Though recently, security forces killed more than 200 of these “bandits” after four days of gun battles in central Niger state bringing some calm into the area, the measures do not seem enough to keep the bandits at bay. The Niger state commissioner for local affairs and internal security, Emmanuel Umar and...



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