Safeguarding Academic Values

A sit-in movement by teachers` trade union which started as a slow fire has gradually sent shock waves across the country with the social media playing a key role. Another factor that contributed to the attention given to the strike action has been the sensitive nature of the corps concerned. Teachers remain the vital link between society and knowledge acquisition. No one doubts the importance of an educated society and this explain the swift and decisive posture that the Head of State, President Paul Biya has adopted towards the list of grievances presented by the teachers. 
First of all, negotiation started with the Secretary General at the Prime Minister`s Office chairing discussions on behalf of the Prime Minister, Head of Government to ensure that the issues are well articulated. No sooner had the deliberations ended did the service instructions from the Head of State come public to announce a battery of measures intended to be applied with immediate effect by the end of this month. Given that this March, such urgency shines light on how preoccupying the concerns of the teachers are being seen at the highest level of the State.     
It is certainly in the same light that five members of government led by Communication Minister and Government Spokesperson, Rene Emmanuel Sadi granted a press conference on the same day, that is, on Thursday 10 March, 2022 to recall why the teachers have been uncomfortable with their administrative and financial situation, steps being taken to respond to their demands and denounce all attempts by unscrupulous persons who want to make political gains out of the genuine worries posed by teachers. Of course this has happened before and no one can doubt that government should express concern over any mischievous hijacking manoeuvres.     
Such persons wanting to derail legitimate concerns are often oblivious of the importance that a sector like education has for the country. They often always avoid the fact that any problem-solving initiative must take into account contingency measure, that is, the existing realities in the country. Cameroon like the rest of the world is yet to come to terms with the devastating consequences of the Coronavirus pandemic that came along with untold economic setbacks since 2020. The virus only added to upheavals raised by the pernicious Boko Haram extremism in parts of the Far North Region, refugee influx in the East Region as well as crisis in the South West and North West Regions of the country.     Opening any other front, no matter the reasons is certainly uncalled for. Moreover, like any responsible society, problems are bound to be tackled within the limit of available means and that obviously explains why the presidential prescriptions came after a methodical follow up with meetings at the Prime Minister`s Office. s
Such an approach must have been guided by the desire t...



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