Bound To Live Together

The people of the Mousgoum, Kotoko and Arabe-Choa ethnic groups in Logone-Birni in the Logone et Chari Division of the Far North Region by fate or design were brought to the locality in the days of their ancestors. The present generation will never have any other land on this planet earth on which to settle and carry out their different activities. 
They did not even deliberately chose to settle in that locality. Already there and well established, they have no choice than to shun their differences and learn to cohabite and above all, bound to live together. Another fact is that the size of the land in which they live and  where the Mousgoum people carry out their farming activities and the Arab-Choa people on their part carry out rearing activities cannot be increased but they must judiciously use the land and therein carry out their livelihood activities. The Mousgoum and Arab-Choa ethnic groups have entered the annals of conflict history as people who from time to time are on each other’s throats. In December 2021 yet another bloody and disastrous conflict erupted between the two communities. Lives were lost, property destroyed, peace and harmonious living together of people bound by inter-marriages, trade and other social activities were shattered. Rancour, animosity and distrust set in with underdevelopment being one of the logical consequences.
The Mousgoum and Arab-Choa communities are gradually coming to the understanding that in conflict there is no winner nor loser. Reports say peaceful cohabitation, the buoyancy of the market that was deserted during the conflict is now becoming a reality. One of the residents of Logone-Birni, Siliman Aboukar reportedly said that the people of the two communities now share and show compassion  during happy and sad events. People are reportedly rebuilding their houses destroyed during the conflict and the security forces that used to patrol the area to assure the population of their security are no longer visible.
Peacebuilders need to be permanently at work...



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