Conviviality At Private Lunch

The Head of State Paul Biya and wife Chantal treated the visiting President Macron and accompanying delegation to the diversity of Cameroon’s cuisine reminiscent of her culture.

Away from discussions, speeches as well as questions and answers that characterized the first part of French President’s visit to the Unity Palace on July 26, 2022; leaders of the two countries also had a moment to savour Cameroon’s cuisine which is as diverse as the country. The private lunch Cameroon’s first couple; Paul and Chantal Biya, offered President Emmanuel Macron at the State House gave the top officials of Cameroon and France the opportunity to; in a relax manner, handle details that did not come up during the formal meetings. The lunch reserved for 19 persons tells of its intensity in solidifying fruitful bilateral ties.  
It was equally an opportunity for Cameroon to showcase its gastronomic richness to France. A demonstration that she’s not simply called Africa in miniature by virtue of its geographical location; especially as a hub in the central African sub region, but that all in Africa can be found anywhere in Cameroon. Indeed, the country’s culinary diversity was on display to the satisfaction of the visiting President judging from the visible satisfaction on his face. 
What made the lunch more sumptuous even was the nature of relations between the two countries which is based on mutual trust and understanding. It is no longer a secret that Cameroon occupies a prominent position in relations between France and African States due, among other things, to its destiny, geographical and strategic location in the...



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