No Time To Wait For Godot!

Climate change! And its devastating impact on nature and man. This has been the talk on the lips of environment stakeholders for years now. You do not need to be an expert to notice the devastation caused by climate change. Neither do you have to travel far to understand the impact of climate change.
Unpredictable seasons and the resultant consequences on crop planting and yields. Recurrent downpours, floods, erosion, droughts, rising temperatures, loss of forest cover…, are some of the tell-tale signs of the environmental situation around us. Such that it now seems like climate change has come to stay - for eternity. Yet, man is not helpless in the face of the unprecedented catastrophe that stares him right in the face. For, man is the whole cause of what has befallen him.
And so the holding of every major international gathering on climate change always presents opportunities to remind man of the great risks that face him. Risks that threaten even the very survival of the human race on Planet Earth. Another such get-together is the United Nations Climate Change Conference or COP27 holding in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt from November 6-18, 2022. 
Expectedly, COP27 will see another rehash of the very same promises and pledges made years back by industrialised countries to the Developing World. Pledges t...



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