Fight Against Corruption : Moulding Youths For Better Future

The National Anti-corruption Commission (NACC) has taken another step ahead in its quest to nib the corruption cankerwarm in the bud. It has targeted the higher education sector that includes the 11 State Universities and affiliated institutions as well as the private universities and higher institutions of learning in the anti-corruption crusade campaign with the relaunching of activities of Integrity Clubs.
The campaign that was programmed to last from October 16-23, 2022 aims at mobilising students against corruption and to enable them adopt integrity as the main value. During the campaign, the anti-corruption institution has been creating Integrity Clubs in higher institutions of learning that did not yet have them and reinvigorating the activities of existing ones according to field realities.
The start of the 2022/2023 school year from every indication is the fertile period for the National Anti-corruption Commission to mould youths of integrity who will progressively take up the leadership mantle in the different spheres of national and international life.  The commitment to build up youths for a corruption –free or society with the minimised rate of corruption started this back-to-school period in the basic and secondary education sectors with the campaign dubbed “Back-to-school 2022-2023 without corruption.” The target was pupils and students, regional delegates of ministries in charge of education and vocational training, Parent Teachers Association (PTA) bureau members and heads of the educational institutions.
Tackling corruption at the basic, secondary and higher education levels is just proper as this is the appropriate moment to sow seeds of integrity, probity, respect of public property and consideration of general interest. The youths are ripe to absorb fast and their energy and passion if utilised properly can bring huge positive change to the society and progress to the nation. The youths constitute the section of the population that needs to be harnessed, motivated, skilled and streamlined properly to bring rapid progress for the country.
The bottom-top fight strategy in fighting the corruption evil targeting youths from different age groups and especially those at the higher education level is certainly one of the best. Youths at this level of education are at the crossroads in society with almost all searching to fit themselves in the socio-professional world, politics, business and other fields. Imbibing the culture of integrity in them at this time is a direct signal that when they will consequently take up leadership and decision-making positions in their different spheres, there will be progressive change and evolution into a society where justice, probity, merit, work for general interest and general development are the practised norms.
On the contrary, leaving the youths to wander in diverse directions when they are at the higher education level is exposing them to vices with corruption and easy life being some of the dominant ones. It is at this age that many youths are lured to the evil practice of bribing their way through every aspect of life. It is also at this age that they learn other vices such as scamming, cybercrimes, robbery, taking drugs, lured to terrorist groups and other criminal armed gangs, trafficking in arms, human parts and drugs.  Their minds are fertile and they are susceptible to embrace immorality in case they are not occupied with lucrative and patriotic activities.  The universities and other higher institutions of learning if care is not taken can easily be transformed into breeding grounds for evil practices that will in future consume the society when the products from such institutions take up leadership positions.
It is therefore for this reason, that besides the National Anti-corruption Commission that is already steadfast on the field combatting corruption in compliance with its missions, other State institutions, the civil society organisations, religious and other moral authorises have to work in synergy to build youths of integrity for an exemplary Cameroon as the Head of State, President Paul Biya has always preached in his messages to the nation. Their minds have to be occupied with positive-thinking and patriotic actions. The vision of the State as defined by the authorities have to be made known to them....



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