Respect Ceasefire Terms

The government of Ethiopia and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) that have been fighting for over two years now, during Peace talks in the South African capital, Pretoria on November 2, 2022 signed a peace agreement to end the conflict.
They agreed to a permanent cessation of hostilities in the war that has displaced millions, killed many and resulted to other war-related atrocities.  The TPLF is a political organisation that has ruled the northern region of Ethiopia for decades. As per the agreement, the Tigray forces will be disarmed, starting with light weapons within 30 days from the signing of the agreement, Ethiopian federal forces will take full control of all federal facilities, installations and major infrastructure such as airports and highways within the Tigray region. Both parties have agreed to an “orderly, smooth and coordinated disarmament”.
Indeed, constitutional order will have to be restored in Tigray. In response, government has agreed to remove all obstacles to the transport of food and medicine into Tigray where its over six million inhabitants have suffered under the blockade since the beginning of the war with limited humanitarian aid.
The signing of the peace agreement has been greeted with some positive reactions which is an indication that the terms may likely be respected and implemented this time around. The Ethiopian Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed is quoted to have described the agreement as “monumental” and declared that, “Our commitment to peace remains steadfast and our commitment to collaborating for the implementation of the agreement is equally strong.” The representative of the Tigray People’s Liberation Force in the Pretoria talks Getachew Reda reportedly agreed, and noted that “painful concessions” had been made.
Both government and the TPLF officials have every reason to implement the terms of the agreement considering that a divided country cannot develop.  They have to co...



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