Signs Of Patriotism

Since the coming to power of the Transitional Military Government under Captain Ibrahim Traore, there has been relentless effort to curb the spread of terrorism in the country. Apart from acquiring up-to-date equipment for the regular soldiers, there has been other initiatives with the aid of some foreign partners to better the skills of the soldiers. These soldiers who have been at the war front for more than a decade, have left no stone unturned to make sure that they keep the jihadists at bay. To take the fight to a different level, the transitional government has launched an operation to recruit about 30, 000 volunteers to beef up the army. Contrary to expectations and analysis, the pace at which hundreds of Burkinabe’s of all walks of life have been enrolling to defend their fatherland has been very encouraging. Since the launched of the exercise, the recruitment district centres have been constantly full during working hours. The show of patriotism, many say, is “hors classe”. The mission of these volunteers expected to have some basic military training will be to protect the population and belongings of their districts alongside the security forces. 
Though it is not the first time a “voluntary force” is bein...



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