Students Train on Economic Valuation of Biodiversity

The objective is to promote environmental economics within universities in the Congo Basin.

About 60 students in Masters and PhD levels of the University of Douala have being drilled on economic valuation of the biodiversity. The training took place on campus at Ange Raphael in Douala from December 12-16, 2022.
The objective was to promote environmental economics within universities in Congo Basin countries that are poorly endowed with experts in the economic valuation of biodiversity. The University of Douala was selected to be part of this first pilot phase alongside the University of Kisangani in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).
The training workshop, is funded by the US Forest Service for the Network of Forestry through the Central Africa Regional Programme for Environment (CARPE) and implemented by the NGO Abioget with the assistance of 4 expert trainers from Burundi, DRC, Central African Republic and Cameroon.
Topics covered include, loss of biodiversity in Africa in particular and the world in general, principles of biodiversity assessment, principles of cost-benefit analysis on the value of biodiversity, consideration of ecosystem goods and services in national accounts, overview of instruments for managing natural assets and value chains associated with biodiversity, introduction of the concept of value chain in the economic valuation of biodiversity, and presentation of instruments to fight against imported deforestation due to agricultural sectors.
The event is taking place just when the international community is meeting from December 7-19 in Montreal, Quebec (Canada) as part of the 15th Conference of the Parties ...



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