Yaounde : Crusading Against Corruption In Schools

The Cameroon Centre for Peace, Research and Initiative (CAMPEACI) and its partner, Transparency International Cameroon have organized anti-corruption talks in some schools in the nation’s capital to sensitize future leaders on the dangers of corruption in the society. The initiative of CAMPEACI was part of commemorative activities of the International Anti-Corruption Day on the theme “Uniting the World Against Corruption.” Speaking to students in one of the colleges in Yaounde, the CAMPEACI team led by its Coordinator Mrs Abesum Abwe Diabe, explained the need for the students to be part of the fight stating that all and sundry have a role to play in barring the way to the cankerworm. They encouraged the students to adopt ethical and integrity values and speak out on the cases of corruption. “When you take corruption out of our society, we are fostering development,” Mrs. Abwe stated. She said as leaders of tomorrow, if sensitized on corruption and what to do to combat it, they will be better placed to transform not only their communities but the world at large. She noted that corruption thrives because of lack of information as some of the youth engage in certain acts of corruption without knowing. “The transformation of minds begins with awareness and making conscious efforts to speak out when they need to so that they will build a better country,” she told the media. 
On her part, the Communication Assistant at Transparency International Cameroon, Bridget Njobati while educating the youth on the different forms of corruption, underlined the effects on development. Her organization, she noted, has been working with schools for over a yea...



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