Renewed Opportunity

Since the failed Libyan general elections in December 2021, the political situation in the country has witnessed a different twist with the different factions accusing each other of obstructing the reconciliation process in the country. While the eastern bloc with headquarters in Benghazi is accusing the Tripoli administration, the latter is doing same. These accusations which have sometimes led to clashes have seen the intervention and deployment of several foreign troops into country. But despite the presence of these troops, peace seems to be a farfetched. Apart from failing to agree on when and how elections can be organized, the distribution of oil revenue has also being a thorn in the flesh.
However, the recent announcement by Marshal Khalifa Haftar for a “last chance” for new political road map and elections to be organized is welcoming. Though it sounds strange and is like an ultimatum, it needs to be taken serious by all those who want peace in the country. By being the first to call for free and fair elections shows how committed the leader of the Libyan National Army is to see his country united. After telling Libyans that their country’s problems can only be solve by themselves, he has now made another clarion call, “The unity of Libya is a red line and Libya is indivisible. There must be tolerance and renunciation of violence.” th...



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