2023 New Year Wishes : Convivial Reunion At State House

After two years of absence due to Covid-19, President Paul Biya on Friday January 6 at the Unity Palace shared best wishes with members of the diplomatic corps and national dignitaries.

Ecstasy enveloped the air at Cameroon’s State House Friday January 6, 2023 as Ambassadors, High Commissioners, Chargés d’Affaires and heads of diplomatic organisations accredited to Cameroon as well as national dignitaries turned up massively to wish the head of the country’s diplomacy, Paul Biya, best wishes for the year. It was indeed a happy reunion between the Head of State and his guests, coming two years after the last one in 2020. The razing Covid-19 pandemic forced the tradition to be halted given that one of the combat tactics put in place by government and the World Health Organisation was social distancing.  
Friday’s ceremony therefore had a double connotation as it physically reunited President Paul Biya and the privileged attendees and served as a rare platform in recent years for those handling diplomatic services likewise national structures to meet and joyfully share pleasantries again.
The two-phase ceremony at both the Ambassador’s Hall (for members of the diplomatic corps) and Banquet Hall of the Presidency of the Republic (for national dignitaries) was highly-awaited and thus heavily attended. The stage was fully set between midday and 2 pm when Ambassadors, High Commissioners, Chargés d’Affaires and representatives of international organisations were officially expected to arrive and get themselves installed. True to himself, the Head of State arrived at the ceremonial hall; Ambassadors Hall at Unity Palace at 2pm to a standing ovation from the already seated members of the diplomatic corps. This set the ball rolling for a solemn and cordial exchange that marked the ceremony. 
On the behalf of the Head of State’s guests, the Dean of the Diplomatic Corps accredited to Cameroon, Paul Patrick Biffot, Ambassador of Gabon, saluted President Paul Biya and Cameroon for standing tall in the midst of challenging national and international issues. The Gabonese diplomat praised President Paul Biya’s efforts to contain the Covid-19 pandemic and keep the economy resilient, Cameroon’s efforts in stabilizing life within CEMAC notably in Chad and the country’s moves to assist in refugee management. Cameroon’s sublime hosting of the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations and the Head of State’s outing at the 2022 US-Africa Leaders’ Summit in Washington D.C. received acclaim from the diplomatic corps. Ambassador Paul Patrick Biffot, on behalf of the diplomatic group, implored President Paul Biya to forge ahead with the fight against corruption and for the recovered funds to be pumped into the national economy so as to boost development which will benefit Cameroonians and those around given the geographical location of the country. 
In response, the Head of State assured the diplomats of his unwavering determination to contribute his quota in making Cameroon and the world better places.  Taking a round of burning world events, President Paul Biya said over the past years, the world continued to face other equally disquieting challenges, notably terrorism and violent extremism, migration issues and climate chan...



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