Juicy Opportunity

Cameroon is a democratic State with several political parties. The political landscape is active with several political leaders using every opportunity to stay afloat in the minds of the population. And to remain significant, various opportunities need to be harnessed and communication strategies used. One of such opportunities is the end-of-year, where political leaders make speeches to their party followers and the population in general. The speeches usually present a balance sheet of the previous year and projects for the year which is beginning. This is some sort of a political campaign in which the party’s political ambitions for a community and the country is made public. To conquer new grounds, political leaders have the social pressure of coming up with new political communication strategies/messages that are more oriented to potential voters. A component of democracy is the organisation of elections and to win elections requires having gained the confidence of the electorate. This is achieved through political actions and accountability; something which is always highlighted in the speeches. The whole idea is marketing an idea that promotes a candidate and the political values of a party.  Social media platforms get saturated with messages from political leaders, mostly titled as “an address to the nation.” Political analysts then make observations and the audience share comments. One common thing cuts across the messages; they all highlight their mission of improving the living conditions of the population. 
In an effort to persuade potential voters and encourage the concept of accountability, political leaders use the opportunity to keep their messages in the minds o...



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