Raising Temperature : Coping With Heat

Even fans and air conditioners seem not to be the solution.

Of recent, the raising temperature in Douala is causing most Douala inhabitants to look for means to survive. The scorching sun during the day and the heat at night sometimes push people to sleep with open windows for those with strong window protectors. The frequent cuts in electricity and the very presence of mosquitoes is not helping matters. Some inhabitants recount that after sitting under the fan for a long time, the air becomes hotter. Nana Joseph said due to too much heat, he is suffering from heat rashes. He thinks that sleeping under a mosquito net at the moment generates more heat and this makes life unbearable for him and his family.
For Augusta Njoumessi, it has been a difficult season for her and her family. She said due to the use of air conditioners and fans, her five children have been simultaneously sick. She said one of her children was diagnosed with chronic sinusitis and advised not to sleep under the fan and the others who suffered from frequent cold and asthmatic attacks were advised not to sleep under the air conditioner. She said with this, it becomes difficult as her husband has bought mosquito nets and placed on the window so as to permit them to sleep with their windows open.
She said all her kids have heat rashes as such, whenever they return from school they are oblige to bathe and apply “kalaba’ chalk on their body.” We grow up knowing that “kalaba” chalk helps in treating heat rashes.
Medics explain that rapid rises in heat gain due to exposure to hotter-than-average condition...



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