Staying Fixed To National Values

It is easy to tell youth or any other segment of the population to remain patriotic. Some may even perceive such calls as a common song that carries no meaning, especially when the going is hard. This is certainly the situation with a section of the youthful population in the country that believes the only way to make it is by going abroad or by staying in the country and refusing to respect all what it takes to be a worthy citizen. While moving out in search of a better future can never be stopped, the fact remains that people must begin by looking inwards before aiming big abroad. The reason being that difficulties exist everywhere and it requires resilience and an astute sense of purpose in order to succeed in the face of challenges, no matter the country.     
No other opportunity could be better that the Youth Day in Cameroon for President Paul Biya to recall some cardinal virtues to his young compatriots. In his traditional Youth Day message on 10 February, 2023, President Paul Biya, showed much empathy with the youth by acknowledging the trying times they are facing and cautioning against adopting any defeatist attitudes under such circumstances. Certainly, it is in moments like these when things are hard that despondency easily sets in. But it is also under such conditions that great minds develop as people seek solutions to their daily ennui. Being fully aware of such realities, the Head of State found the compelling zeal to underline that: “It is clear that such a particular challenging context has relatively slowed down the desired pace of our development, a situation which we all deplore. However, I can assure you that I have never lost sight of the goals we set together, those of building a strong Nation, a prosperous economy and a country that is proud, free and united in its diversity.” By seeking to reassure the youth of his commitment towards implementing policies that can ensure growth and progress, Mr. Biya is conscious that things have not always gone as planned in the country. In spite of the setbacks, Cameroon remains an ideal place for the realization of their dreams. It goes without saying that there will be obstacles, but such can only transform into opportunities by those who are ready for the future.     
Recent and real hurdles have been witnessed by all like the Covid-19 pandemic and the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine. As Cameroon grapples with such external forces, there are age-old national speed brakes to progress which are both natural and man-made. Lack of funding for certain major projects initiated to improve...



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