Civil Status Registration : BUNEC Women Embark on Sensitisation

This was during a one-day caravan that went around the city of Douala to encourage the population to register births, marriages, and deaths.

As part of activities to mark the 38th edition of the International Women’s day; women of the littoral branch of the National Civil Status Office known by its French acronym BUNEC on March 6th embarked on a campaign to sensitised Douala denizens on the importance of civil status registration and to lure them to obtained especially birth certificates for their children which is the base of existence. The BUNEC women caravan that moved from Bonanjo to Ndokoti, PK 8, Cite des Palmiers, PK14, Logbessou, Rhone-Poulenc, Missoke and Deido had loud speakers with messages on the importance of civil status registration.
The Chief of Agency of BUNEC for the Littoral region, Jeanne Nadia Endene Dine Nkongo Mbape, said the sensitisation caravan is one of the activities to commemorate the International Women’s day.  She reiterated that it was important for people to obtain civil status certificates be it birth certificates, marriage and dead certificates.. She said they are emphasizing a lot on birth certificate because it is the base and a child without a birth certificate doesn’t exist.  While laying importance on birth certificate she said every identification process begins with a birth certificate, she added that they are out to call on parents to register the birth of every child because it becomes more complicated and expensive as the child grow older.
Madam Jeanne Nadia Endene Dine Nkongo Mbape regretted that despite all that is been done, a good number of people still don’t know what to do nor do they know where to obtain a birth certificate for their children. In her words,...



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