Lycée Polyvalent : Alumni Offers Didactic Materials

The didactic and sports equipment seek to improve teaching and learning in the school.

 The association of ex-students of Lycée Polyvalent de Bonaberi known by its French acronym (ALYPOBO) last Friday, March 31st donated sports and didactic materials to the institution. The 1979/1980 batch of students also came with words of encouragement for the students, staff, and management of the school. The handing-over ceremony that took place at the school campus was an opportunity for the students to showcase their talents and to thank the ex-students for their support. The didactic materials and sports equipment will go long way to improving the teaching and learning conditions of the school.
 According to the president of ALYPOBO, Colonel Nyamey Ebenezer, the association is to provide a forum and platform to foster, encourage and build the sense of belonging among the members of the alumni, the present students, the staff and management of the school with the common goal of all-round development. Reasons why he went on, they came in to offer support to their alma matter. He acknowledged that the training they received from the school 40 years back made them who they are. He said it was their duty to return to support the school and to organize programmes, which inspire and motivate the young students for their intellectual development.
 The coordinator of ALYPOBO Bangue Justine explained that they also have an excellent award for students. He added that last year they offered ...



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