Social Work : NGOs Strategies to Assist IDPs

The deplorable humanitarian situation of the NoSo crisis has pushed many Non-Governmental organisations in Littoral Region to embark on different activities to arrest the situation.

With the outbreak of the Anglophone crisis in the North West and South West (NoSo) Regions of Cameroon, a lot of people have been rendered homeless while others have been displaced. People that would normally been involved in different activities to take care of their families have now escape their comfort zone for safety in areas where they are homeless. One of these safety areas where a good number of the Internally displaced persons (IDPs) have taken residence is the Littoral Region. With the growing number of IDPs whose living conditions are deplorable, some local Non-Governmental Organisations – NGOs have been working tirelessly to ensure that the displaced persons are comfortable away from home. While others have been involved in the provision of basic needs, others have been engaged in training them towards sustainable activities while others are busy taking care of their health and psychological needs.
One of such NGOs is the Gender Civic Engagement and Youth Development (Ogceyod) which has been busy in the training of female IDPs on economic sustainable activities. The executive director of Ogceyod, Elvis Wepngong, explained that since the outbreak of the crisis, his organisation has been involved in different activities all in a bit to make life comfortable for IDPs. He said away from Tiko, Buea and Limbe where they have been assisting IDPs they have also been to the littoral region where the influx of IDPs is high.  So the NGO has been in Mbanga in the Moungo division where they trained over 120 persons on small business management. Out of this number, about 38 were given startup capital. They have been working with international partners to ensure that more IDPs received st...



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