Promoting Young Entrepreneurs : Leaders Brainstorm

The constitutive meeting that took place on April 4th saw the participation of young leaders from different walks of life.

The Circle of Young Leaders of the Cameroon Inter-Employer Group - GICAM (CJD-GICAM) have had their first constitutive general assembly to brainstorm on better ways to move ahead. The general assembly that took place on April 4th, 2023 at the GICAM head office in Douala saw the participation of young entrepreneurs who gave in ideas on how to better the new organ. To meet the challenge of globalization and bring about the long-awaited paradigm shift, Cameroon must rely on its young people, who have the advantage of being avant-garde and who have the energy and audacity necessary to propel it to new heights. In effect GICAM created the Circle of Young Leaders conducive to take into account the specific interests of young leaders. The “Cercle des Jeunes Dirigeants du GICAM” is a structure to create lasting relationship between young people and GICAM and to co-construct entrepreneurial renewal with the contribution of young leaders.
The pioneer president of CJD-GICAM Rosine Danielle Ekambi Soppo, revealed that they will capitalize on the potential of their talents and thus avoid br...



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