Victoria United : Determined To Regain Elite One

The Limbe-based football club created in the 1970s is leaving no stone unturned to bounce back to Elite One after 10 years in the cold.

Victoria United, fondly called OPOPO, which means One People One Power, is one of the 13 teams currently battling to grab one of the two available tickets by the end of this season into Elite One football League. Given OPOPO’s leadership position with a seven-point gap from the runner-up, the fans are nursing bright hopes to see the team ascend to the Elite One prestigious league the coming season. Currently run by Nkwain Valentine as President, Victoria United is even nursing greater hopes to bring home the African champion’s league trophy any time soon. 
A year ago, OPOPO was in the Regional league of South West battling to emerge and play in the Elite Two. Now that they are there, their ambitions have multiplied a double fold. Thanks to his determination, the team President, Nkwain Valentine, who has put in his energy and financial muscle to ensure that OPOPO, last October, 2022, moved from the South West Regional league into Cameroon’s Elite II. OPOPO that has been struggling within the South West Regional league for over a decade finally qualified to play in the Elite II. During the fund raising that preceded the 2022 Inter-pools competition leading to OPOPO’s qualification, Nkwain Valentine declared that his ambition was to have OPOPO qualify into Elite II. From this point, he would fight hard to bring back Elite One football into Limbe and the South West Region.
Historically, Victoria United happens to be one of the oldest teams, not only in Limbe (South West Region) where it was founded, but in Cameroon as a whole. Its origin can be traced back t...



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