No Time To Waste

The situation in Somalia is alarming. For the past years, the country is facing one of the world’s most acute humanitarian crises. The country is going through its worst drought in 40 years, famine and ongoing armed conflict are the negative factors behind the prevailing situation. A few months ago, humanitarian agencies working in the area raised an alarm that nearly eight million people, half of the population, are in dire need of assistance. Even though the country contributes virtually nothing in climate pollution, nearly five million of the population experience high levels of acute food insecurity and rising prices. To abate the prevailing situation, the Somali government and the U.N. launched a $2.6 billion humanitarian appeal for 2023. The responds to this appeal were mitigated as only 20% of that appeal has been funded.
Today, instead of incessant promises, it is time to act as the situation requires urgent and robust international mobilization of resources. Besides the drought and adverse weather conditions, Somalia is also facing deadly fighting that has also left many displaced. A stich from the international community, institutions, companies and ...



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