Moral Rearmament : Commission Maps Out Strategies For New Conscripts

This was during a meeting that took place in Douala on May 30 to select 150 candidates for this year’s edition of the youth and civic education camp.

Members of the Commission of the National Civic Service Agency for Participation in Development in the Littoral region have launched the campaign to recruit new conscripts for the 2023 edition of the youth and civic education camp to begin on July 25 in Douala. The youth and civic education camp is organized by the National Civic Service Agency for Participation in Development to train young Cameroonians on morals, patriotism, living together, discipline and more. The campaign that is carried out every third term holidays is fast becoming a tradition, reasons why the Littoral commission for the selection of conscripts met with the aim of setting criteria for the selection process.
During the meeting, the members decided to look into the aspect of gender, age, location, and more.  It came out of the meeting that the Littoral will train 150 conscripts for this year out of which 75 will be girls and 75 boys of ages between 17-12. Conscripts are supposed to come from all the four Divisions of the Littoral region. They agreed that priority should be given to those from enclave areas. The 150 conscripts will be lodged in Lycée Joss Bonanjo Douala during which they will have three balanced meals a day, medical, and psychological care among others. They will have classes daily and other activities all to foster good morals, discipline, and patriotism. During the meeting on May 30, it also came out that parents in Nkam Division were reluctant to send their children to the camp as they rather prefer to send them to do holiday jobs that will fetch them money. As such, the representative of the Governor of the Littoral region called on all to use this opportunity to send their child so as to transform the society. She said what the camp will give the children is more than money as they will receive skills th...



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