Fight against Hate Speech : NCC Reinforces Sensitisation

The vice-president of the National Communication Council was in Douala on Wednesday, June 7 to reiterate the fight against hate speech.

The rising wave of hate speech on the media landscape is a cause for concern, sometimes journalists or their guests on live programs are veritable vectors of hate speech. The consequences of hate speech are devastating as it can sometimes lead to violence. Hate speech may expose those targeted to discrimination, abuse, and even violence, but also social and economic exclusion. When left unchecked, expressions of hatred can even harm societies, peace, and development, as it lays the ground for conflict, tension and human rights violations, including atrocity crimes.
With all these in mind, the Vice President of the National Communication Council (NCC) Joseph Janvier Rene Mvotto Obounou and team was in Douala on June 7 to encourage media organs to reinforce the fight against hate speech and to encourage them to stay professional and responsible. He called on the media practitioners to consider their social responsibility as if there in case of violence all will be affected. He acknowledged that some panelists at times are promoters of hate as such he urged them to be professional and guard against such panelists. 
Be it at Equinoxe Radio and Television, Radio Balafon and My Media Prime Television, the Vice president of NCC Joseph Janvier Rene Mvotto Obounou cautioned all to be considerate as shapers of public opinion. He regretted that hate speech in Cameroon is mixed with tribalism as such journalists should be aware and caution their gu...



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