Temporary Workers: Need For Clarifications

For the past decades, the government has been surely and steadily grappling with the issue of temporary workers. The presence intended to fill vacant positions has not always been as conclusive as they thing. By expecting that by being called to work where some skills are required is a guarantee to permanent recruitment has generally not been the case given that certain conditioned most be in place for their absorption as full-time workers to be effective. Recent instances of health service personnel clamoring for confirmation in their places of work have raised questions as to what it takes to ensure that those who acquire skills are eventually taken into the public service. But this consideration, not always taken into consideration the public discourse whereby the trainees should be job creators rather than job seekers. Even here, there are questions as the whether the environment is rife enough for those who graduate from professional schools can set up their own businesses and be self-employed?  Do the society already have people with the right mind-set to go out to transform the hurdles that exist and create their own jobs? While these questions persist, there are skilled workers who continue to think that they can only survive by going after what is already available instead of seeking to break new grounds. 
Even though the government bears the brunt, the saga of youth unemployment, is a call for concern to each and everyone. A few weeks ago, the need to address this pre-occupying issue which has been on the spotlight was highlighted by the Prime Minister during an end-of-month cabinet meeting. As clear as the instructions of the cabinet meeting so too did everyone expect immediate actions. At the level of the ministries, instructions were given to send away all the temporary workers being seen in some quoters as “intruders”. The news that came like wildfire triggered a lot frustration not only for the temporary workers in the minist...



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