Douala : Huge Traffic Slows Activity

The population of Douala have pleaded with the municipal authorities to clear the debris for traffic to be fluid.

Moving in Douala is a real headache for motorists and pedestrians, stuck daily in endless traffic jams. This nightmare has been haunting the people for about three weeks now. Douala city dwellers are yet to come to terms with this new phenomenon that is crippling activity in the economic capital. “We are used to our normal traffic but the one these days is a cause for concern and something has to be done about it fast. “How do you explain the fact that a distance I used to cover for 18-20 minutes I now cover for 1-2 hours, at times one spends more than two hours on the same spot, this is very challenging” decried Emmanuel Njapi, Douala inhabitant.
 It is common nowadays to find people abandoning their cars along the road and go by foot because the huge traffic is not leaving even the bike riders who before now will meander their way through. In addition to having unpaved roads, potholes, the Douala city council has embarked on the clearing of the gutters around roads, and the debris from the gutters is left along the road thus reducing the road. Roadblocks are evident in most neighborhoods in Douala due to road rehabilitation works.
Compounded by the rains, all pedestrians and motorists spend unending hours on the road. ”I leave my house at Yassa at 5: 30 am...



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